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VME, VPX & VXS Quarterly Report February 2015
Seeing the VITA 74 NanoX Small Form Factor Specification as Gaining a Foothold in Two Worlds
When the questions center on how small, lightweight and power miserly can you be? the right answers apply to ...  (more)
2015 will be the most important year for unmanned systems since our technology hit the land, air and sea — the year when technology, applications, policy and innovation converge to transform the future of our industry.
VITA-74/ VNX System Prototyping and Development Considerations Let's clear up some misunderstandings about a spec that can put you on the path to creating a small, lightweight and low-cost system for SWaP critical deployment.  (more)
Strategies for Successful VPX System Design Yes, the sheer number of OpenVPX profiles can be intimidating, but these steps can help even newbie engineers capitalize on a comprehensive, open architecture standard that satisfies ruggedization levels ...  (more)
Dawn VME Products
You need it right. You want Dawn.
Dawn's universal AC input VITA 62 compliant 3U power supply for air or conduction cooled OpenVPX systems is a true 6 channel supply with up to 400 watts output and a mission critical wide temperature range at high power.
Dawn VME Products Fabric Mapping Modules Automate Optimization Of OpenVPX Backplane Topologies
Artesyn Embedded Technologies Launches New COTS Fail-Safe System Designed to be Certified to SIL4 for Train Control and Rail Signaling
Pentek Introduces 8-Channel Portable Serial FPDP Recorder
New research project funded by Department of Defense will enable faster, better coding
Argosim to debut STIMULUS, a Modeling and Simulation Tool to Edit, Debug, and Test Real-Time Requirements at Embedded World 2015
Embedded Virtual Prototype Kits Offer Unified HW-SW Debug and Analysis
New Rugged Computing Platform from Elma Includes Cisco certified Routing Engine
Artesyn Embedded Technologies
Artesyn Embedded Technologies has announced the ControlSafe™ Platform, one of the first embedded computing systems to use COTS components to create a fail-safe computing platform designed to be SIL4 certified for a wide range of train control and rail signaling applications.
VME/VME64x Backplanes and Chassis MADE IN THE USA
New A/D and D/A Converter FMC from VadaTech Offers High Sampling Rates
ISSI to License Spansion HyperFlash™ Memory and HyperBus Interface
Keysight Technologies Introduces First Mainstream Oscilloscopes with Capacitive Touch Screens, Zone Triggering
X-ES is a leader in the design, manufacture, and support of embedded computing solutions for compute-intensive military, communications, commercial, and industrial applications. Our product portfolio features VPX, VME, cPCI, XMC/PMC, and COM Express products across 14 different product categories, including SBCs, systems, FPGAs, Ethernet communications, storage, power, and I/O modules.
Tracing into the Model: Using Requirements Traceability with Model-Driven Development For aerospace, defense, transportation, nuclear, medical and indeed any safety-critical sector, the gains of Model-based Design cannot come at the cost of safety. The Rise of Models Model-Driven (more)
Words Upfront: Safety Critical A few EECatalog Questions for the CEO of a Systems-Validation Software Company Answers to a number of questions, including why we're seeing the transition to tools for automating verification requirements. Editor's (more)
Eye diagrams don’t lie: ReDrivers, before and after USB, HDMI, or analog signals degrade to mush over long signal traces or cables; check out these 'before and after' videos for proof. (more)
Industrial equipment talking on the IoT? Better get a gateway (device) Forget about controlling your garage door or AC from your smartphone; these are just a hat trick on the Internet of Things. (more)
Using COTS Software to Reduce HPEC Complexity Coding for multi-processing HPEC sounds hard, but there are ways to save time and lower risk with slick COTS tools. (more)
Security: The Ultimate Barrier to IoT Success Coming to a meeting of minds on security, independent portability and virtualization will pave the way for IoT success. (more)
Elma Electronic Inc.
New Drives with Older Storage Interfaces?
Need to retain older, storage interfaces, and preserve software and device driver investments while upgrading your storage?. Elma's products convert SCSI to SATA, SCSI to PATA, and PATA to SATA; SCSI system interface with SATA under the hood; form, fit and functional replacements in COTS and custom form factors.
Model 8267 SPARK 3U VPX Development System for Cobalt, Onyx and Flexor Boards (Pentek)
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