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Sensors & MEMS
Quarterly Report
October 2018
Optimizing Device Performance in Sensor Node Applications How combining intelligent analog and core independent peripherals supports a broad range of innovative designs. There seems to be no end to the variety of applications where an 8-bit microcontroller (MCU) (more)
Sensors Midwest
Co-located with SMTA International, the industry's top conference on electronics assembly and advanced packaging, Sensors Midwest will be bringing the best technical innovation and thought leadership in the world of Sensors to Rosemont, IL. Register here for Educational Theaters, top-notch Conference Sessions, Networking and more!
"…brain inspired": Q&A with Paul Washkewicz and Chet Jewan, Eta Compute Why microcontrollers architected in a "brain inspired" way could have a growing role in smart metering and other ...  (more)
Bringing Intelligent Autonomy to Fine Motion Detection and People Counting with mmWave Sensors Robust, high-accuracy RF-based sensing has teamed with industrial-strength on-chip processing to remove the costs and inefficiencies of false detection. Architects and urban planners of smart buildings, (more)
Technologic Systems
This TS-7553-V2 is a versatile embedded single board computer that hits on all the main points for a low power, cost effective, Internet-of-Things (IoT) capable, and ready-to-deploy OEM board with an emphasis on data integrity. Not only does the TS-7553-V2 have flexible connectivity options like cellular modem and XBee, it also has eMMC flash configurable as SLC or MLC and on-board power reserve via optional TS-SILO technology.
New Ultra-Compact Automotive Grade Buck DC/DC Converters
MIPI Alliance to Advance Autonomous Driving, other Automotive Applications with New Data Interface Specifications at 12-24 Gbps and Beyond
Cepton Technologies Furthers the Advancement of Autonomous Driving With Its MMTTM LiDAR Technology
Sensata Technologies Introduces Industry’s First Explosion Proof Stackable Multi-Turn Encoder
IoT Device Security Summit
2018 IoT Device Security Summit – OCT 30 – Santa Clara
Register TODAY for the conference devoted to tacking the complex challenges of Design and Implementation of Device Security. FREE REGISTRATION to qualified attendees through SEPT 30.
New Precision MEMS Sensor from STMicroelectronics Supports Accurate Positioning and Control for Cars
Avnet and Not Impossible Labs Partner to Create Technology Products that Enhance Accessibility and Inclusivity
Avnet Extends Embedded Vision Capabilities with Multi-Camera FMC Module
Developing MEMS for Volume Manufacturing, Part Two More on preparing devices for the rigors of the manufacturing environment Editor's Note: In the first of a three-part series, the authors surveyed the MEMS volume manufacturing landscape. This second (more)
"…the capability to store the entire trained model of the neural network…" Q&A with Sylvain Dubois, Crossbar Autonomous driving is just one of the applications hungry for processing at the edge, giving embedded memory growing strategic importance. Editor's Note: "The boundary between data and compute is (more)
"IoT at the edge is about more than processing…": Q&A with Hiep Pham, Virtium IoT solutions exist for situations where communication with the cloud is spotty. Intelligent external storage is where Virtium excels. Editor's Note: Embedded Systems Engineering (ESE) spoke with Hiep (more)
How Sensors Are Moving Material Handling Towards Safe Automation Next generation sensing technologies put the smart in robot AGVs. Industry 4.0 is enabling a new generation of smart manufacturing and distribution facilities, requiring new ways of thinking in all aspects (more)
A protective shield for sensitive enzymes in biofuel cells An international team of researchers has developed a new mechanism to protect enzymes from oxygen as biocatalysts in fuel cells.             …
Demystifying Firmware Debugging Debugging embedded systems and associated firmware can be more art than science. Is the problem in hardware or is it in software? Both? The ability to understand what's going inside the processor at any given moment is key to troubleshooting. The difficulty in achieving this deep is understanding is compounded for systems integrators that are...
Even on standardized diet, gut flora change from day to day Researchers are only beginning to understand how the gut microbiome – the vital community of microorganisms that live in our intestines – interacts with our …
TS-7553-V2 Single Board Computer (Technologic Systems)
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Arm TechCon 2018
San Jose Convention Center
October 16-18, 2018
IoT Device Security Summit
Santa Clara, CA
October 30, 2018
IoT Tech Expo North America
Santa Clara Convention Center, Santa Clara, CA
November 28-29, 2018
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