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Sensors & MEMS Quarterly Report April 2017
3D Sensors Add Depth to Surveillance and Gaming
More 3D-enabled consumer devices, coupled with increased sensing in gaming and sophisticated security and surveillance systems, show the 3D sensors market cleared ...  (more)
Sensors Expo & Conference
Sensors Expo & Conference is the only event in North America exclusively focused on sensors and sensor-integrated systems. Register at www.sensorsexpo.com and use code EE100 for special discount to attend.
The Autonomous Factory: Inertial Sensors Conquer IoMT Challenges Key to enabling the gains that automating industrial machinery can give us is the identification of the appropriate sensing technologies ?'to ...  (more)
Options Abound when Selecting a Sensor for Motor Feedback. (sponsor content) In many motion-control applications, it is necessary to know the position, speed and perhaps even acceleration of a motor’s ...  (more)
Technology Convergence Enables Industrial IoT Solutions How can the means to deploy any-to-any connectivity and execute fast development at the system level reach Industrial IoT ...  (more)
Zilog, Inc.
Zilog's ZNEO32! Family of microcontrollers, are special-purpose microcontrollers for motor applications that offer cost-effective and high-performance 32-bit computing capabilities. The ZNEO32! microcontrollers provide 3-phase PWM generator units which are suitable to inverter motor drive systems.
Zilog Announces New ZNEO32! 32-bit Microcontroller Family
Innodisk's Latest SSD Hits the Sweet Spot
Engine Performance and Efficiency Reach New Heights With Sensor Technologies from TE Connectivity
Ambarella Introduces the S5L Family of 4K SoCs for Professional, Consumer and Battery-Powered IP Security Cameras
Internet of Things Developers Conference 2017
Register now for IoT DevCon 2017! The Internet of Things Developers Conference, April 26-27 at the Santa Clara Convention Center, is the only event focused on the IoT product developer. Connect and network with IoT experts in keynotes, panel discussions, tech sessions and workshops on technologies such as: IoT device design to gateway deployment, software optimization strategies, security solutions as well as applying deep-learning techniques to monitor and manage enormous loads of device-generated data.
ROHM's Thermal Printhead Compatible with Single-Cell Power Supplies
Kionix's New KXTJ3 Accelerometer
MEMS & Sensors Industry Group Tackles Technical Challenges at Annual Technical Congress
Chip and System Reliability Experts Assemble The annual International Reliability Physics Symposium (IRPS) expands system reliability coverage to complement traditional microelectronics focus. (more)
What Caught My Eye at Embedded World 2017 This year's show starred innovations in automotive, automation, the IoT via carrier boards, and more. More automation was displayed at Via Technologies, for transportation, home automation and digital (more)
Innovation in Cellular Communications: Making Smart Meters Even Smarter Here's what is helping the Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) realize power efficiency, bandwidth and latency benefits. Smart metering aims to reduce energy consumption and costs, and it brings (more)
Why is Chip Design for IOT so Hard? Internet-of-Things (IOT) designers face a different set of challenges from their traditional ASIC and SOC brethren. Will the market be ready? (more)
Optimizing Technology for IoT Systems – Adding Fingerprints and Brains Examples in hardware-entangled security and neuromorphic processing show how technology can be further optimized to solve specific system and application demands. (more)
A Slice of Pi and the IIoT's Appetite for Diversity Intel® Core™ i7 processing and open standards are meeting the IIoT's varied I/O, graphics, and expansion demands when just dessert isn't enough. Solutions aimed at Internet of Things (IoT) applications (more)
Blog Post: Designing wireless motion-detector systems with Sub-1 GHz
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