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PC/104 & Embedded SFF
Quarterly Report
January 2018
System Architects Find Diverse Options with VITA Standards 2017 saw open platforms continuing their magnetic pull on programsOpen System Architectures (OSAs) for software and hardware are in more demand than ...  (more)
Connect Tech Inc.
Connect Tech, a proud NVIDIA® partner, adds new GPUs to its COM Express + GPU Embedded System. Quadro® or Tesla® GPUs are paired with XEON® class processors in a compact system designed to be highly portable. Intel® processors combine with NVIDIA Pascal™ and Maxwell™ architectures for a ruggedized small form factor embedded system.
VITA Technologies Round Table  Sky, sea, rail—VITA technologies call them all home, and indeed, our panelists would argue, also deserve a home anywhere that cost efficiency, performance, and longevity ...  (more)
Open Standard Takes Flight
VITA 48.8 is the open Air Flow Through cooling standard that will reduce weight in airborne embedded systems and could herald innovation with new materials.The ANSI Standard ANSI/VITA ...  (more)
Patch Work: Q&A with E Ink Low power consumption, small form factor and lightweight features are leading wearables beyond the smartwatch/smartband stage. Editor's Note: Paul Apen, Chief Strategy Officer at ...  (more)
congatec, Inc.
congatec virtualizes robust Server-on-Module. The platform supports redundancy and real-time collaboration, consisting of COM Express Type 7 modules with Intel® Atom™ processors (codename Denverton) and a real-time hypervisor from Real-Time Systems. The aim of this edge/fog server installation is to highlight the advantages of function virtualization and software defined services for IoT and Industry 4.0 connected rugged embedded server systems.
congatec partners with AMD for long-time support of AMD Geode™ processors
Unveiling Industrial IoT Solution, the TS-7553-V2 Single Board Computer
XPedite6401 Now Available with NXP Arm-based QorIQ® Processors Integrating four 64-bit Arm® Cortex-A72 Cores
Portwell Launches An Advanced SFF Embedded System Board With INTEL® CELERON® Processor J3455
Technologic Systems
The TS-4900 is a high performance Computer on Module based on the NXP/Freescale i.MX6 CPU which implements the ARM Cortex-A9 architecture clocked at 1 GHz (Single or Quad Core) with up to 2GB of DDR3 RAM. Several industry standard interfaces such as Gigabit Ethernet, WiFi and Bluetooth, USB, SATA II, PCI Express, and more.
IP Royalties Out – Commoditization in?
2U Rackmount Computer Comes with Full-size Expansion Slots, Core i CPU, and 17" Short Depth Chassis
congatec supports new NXP i.MX8 processors on Qseven and SMARC modules
New 8th Gen Intel Core Processors with Radeon RX Vega M Graphics Offer 3x Boost in Frames per Second in Devices as Thin as 17 mm
Extreme Engineering Solutions, Inc.
Rugged, Small Form Factor (SFF) embedded systems from X-ES are purpose-built to withstand some of the harshest conditions on Earth while providing unrivaled security, computational performance, and reliability. They are qualified to a variety of MIL-STDs and are trusted in critical missions around the world.
Serving Defense and Exploration Open standard technologies could be integral to a proposed new space-based missile defense sensor technology (more)
COM Express® Modules Boost Improvements in Ultrasound Technology Increased processing power and graphics performance in small form factor modules drives imaging advances and increased mobility in ultrasound devices. Among the most valuable developments in today's (more)
Successfully Orchestrating Sensor Networks How cloud API standardization clears the way to plug-and-play cloud solutions Clouds and the multiple ways they can store, analyze, and generate data on demand have become indispensable for many OEMs. (more)
Minimizing Latency in Mission-Critical Video Processing Applications Why FPGAs occupy a crucial role for video processing applications as they pare down latency Three video processing applications—degraded visual environments, autonomous vehicles, and active protection (more)
Reuse and Cost Savings in an Airborne Display Controller Application How FPGAs and a custom designed controller board made it possible to successfully replace a legacy CRT with an LCD controller while adding advantages over the product life cycle. Deployed in harsh environments, (more)
Elma Electronic Inc.
Electronics Enclosures for Tough Environments
Elma's Type 53 enclosure is a rugged extruded aluminum small form factor box for PCI/104 or Com E board stacks. The extensible chassis design is ideal for use in harsh environments for payloads supporting PC platforms, networking infrastructure or I/O specific multi-functional computers.
NEW! Intel® E3800 Series Edge-Connect Architecture (ADL Embedded Solutions Inc.)
SSD MODULE (Apacer Memory America Inc.)
Guardbox 33 (Elma Electronic Inc.)
Industrial Temperature iPAC-9x25 (EMAC, Inc.)
TS-TPC-7990 (Technologic Systems)
Blackbird (VL-EPU-4562) (VersaLogic Corp.)
Lion (VL-EPMe-42) (VersaLogic Corp.)
Viper (VL-EBX-38) (VersaLogic Corp.)
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IP Royalties Out – Commoditization in?
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