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PC/104 & Embedded SFF
Quarterly Report
July 2017
Open Doors for Universal Embedded Design
Charged with finding cost-effective integration for multicore platforms, the European Union's (EU) Artemis EMC2 project finished at the end of May this year.  (more)
Connect Tech Inc.
Connect Tech's COM Express® Type 7 Carrier Board is ideal for high-compute, enterprise level applications that have a need for a small form factor rugged solution (125mm x 95mm) providing access to high-end Xeon D class processors as well as 10GbE interfaces essential for edge computing.
What Is HALT? Part one of a three-part series describing the Highly Accelerated Life Test, or HALT. What Is HALT? Highly Accelerated Life Test (HALT) is a stress testing methodology used to determine product ...  (more)
Command and Control: THE Critical Factor for Modern Unmanned Systems Examining what's needed to assure secure command and control links.The need for automation and active intelligence is driving the adoption ...  (more)
From Conception to Production: Embedding Display Engines The OEM wants a form factor variation, but power efficiency and slim design considerations must be met: Now what? Our company, which makes ultra-miniature ...  (more)
Elma Electronic Inc.
Custom Packaging and Enclosures For Industrial Electronic Systems
Three reasons why Elma's line of electronic equipment enclosures help reduce your time to market; modularity, flexibility and environmental toughness. Our enclosures are designed to grow with your applications and they offer EMC and RFI protection plus high resistance to shock, vibration and water ingress along with multiple mounting options.
Toradex announces new configurations for upcoming Colibri iMX6ULL, to include Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
AOPEN Mini OPS Module Transforms Sharp Displays Into PCs
Ultra low noise pluggable PSUs
Technologic Systems
TS-TPC-7990 is a commercial grade, 7" Touch Panel PC with i.MX6 ARM SBC and a choice of capacitive, resistive, or high brightness resistive displays. Designed with tight-budgeted HMI applications in mind, it has a solid balance of embedded ruggedness and standard connectors and interfaces to easily, quickly, and reliably deploy your solution to the field.
VPG Foil Resistors Announces Ultra-High Precision Military and Space Grade Resistors for High-Performance Current Sensing within Mission-Critical Applications
IEE Upgrades QTPod Fuel Kiosks with 7-inch Rugged LCD Display Module
Integrating Machine Vision & Speedy Customization with AAEON's GENE-SKU6
Analytics to Answer the Next Question and the One After That New tools are emerging as the need to drive information to and from the shop floor becomes even more key. Editor's Note: Following the news that Plex Systems has extended its IntelliPlex Analytic (more)
Q&A with Ilika CEO Graeme Purdy A battery breakthrough that's not about setting the world on fire. Around a decade ago Toyota sought know-how in materials and solid-state battery technology to help it transition away from flammable lithium-ion batteries in Prius automobiles. (more)
Questions to Ask When Specifying a Frame Grabber for Machine Vision Applications Over the last two decades there had been a general trend towards the standardization of machine vision interfaces. Not long ago, engineers were required to purchase unique and expensive cables for every (more)
Driving the I2C bus with Next-Generation Buffers While next-generation I2C buffer devices are good for putting the I2C control buses you already know to work, their true claim to fame could be how they assist with cost, power dissipation, and design (more)
Heterogeneous: Performance and Power Consumption Benefits Why multi-threaded, heterogeneous, and coherent CPU clusters are earning their place in the systems powering ADAS and autonomous vehicles, networking, drones, industrial automation, security, video analytics, (more)
U.S. Military: New Projects and Programs The State of the VITA Technology Industry report by VITA Chairman of the Board Ray Alderman offers key insights into business conditions, next generation platform capabilities, and five challenges the (more)
SSD MODULE (Apacer Memory America Inc.)
NEW! Intel® E3800 Series Edge-Connect Architecture (ADL Embedded Solutions Inc.)
Blackbird (VL-EPU-4562) (VersaLogic Corp.)
Lion (VL-EPMe-42) (VersaLogic Corp.)
Viper (VL-EBX-38) (VersaLogic Corp.)
TS-TPC-7990 (Technologic Systems)
Industrial Temperature iPAC-9x25 (EMAC, Inc.)
Guardbox 33 (Elma Electronic Inc.)
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