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PC/104 & Embedded SFF Quarterly Report October 2016
From Data to Decision: The Case for IoT Edge Analytics in Predictive Maintenance
Most IoT devices don’t need—or aren’t equipped—to send data to the cloud. Faster decisions can be made locally with predictive maintenance systems and software.  (more)
Connect Tech Inc.
Connect Tech's Xtreme/10G Managed Ethernet Switch/Router provides high density, high port count Layer 2 switching and Layer 3 routing with 10G uplinks. A total of 36 switchable ports, with 4 x 10G, 8 x 1G (SGMII), and 24 x 1G (Copper 10/100/1000Mbps) ports in an extremely small form factor 85mm x 85mm.
Tips for Industrial PC Building from a Tier One IT Vendor Why airflow evaluation tops the "must reckon with" list, avoiding signal degradation, and more.Embedded computing is now everywhere. According to a ...  (more)
Dissecting Drone Technology
Increases in computational power, improved energy efficiency in electronics, and the growth of the IoT industry in recent years are supporting advances in consumer and enterprise ...  (more)
Cooling Methodologies—The Tail Wagging the Dog Discovering how to maximize cooling at the lowest cost and highest efficiency.Complex military and industrial applications require complex computing solutions. ...  (more)
RTD Embedded Technologies, Inc.
RTD's rugged Managed Ethernet switch has 8 ports for I/O connections, one port available to an optional host CPU, and one port that can be used to add additional GigE switches. The onboard CEServices Carrier Ethernet switching software provides a rich Layer 2 switching solution with Layer 3-aware packet processing.
Connect Tech and Samtec Collaborate to Advance Embedded Technology
congatec presents first COM Express Type 7 modules with Intel® Xeon® D processors
congatec, Inc.
congatec's new IoT gateway platform is application ready and easily customizable for rapid field deployment. Highly flexible processing performance and software integration, able to host up to 8 wireless antennas that can be connected to 3 mini PCI Express slots and 6 internal USB based slots for wireless and wired connectivity modules.
New 3U VPX GPGPU Integrates GPU and Quad-Core ARM CPU on One Board, Dramatically Reducing Footprint and Power Consumption
ADL Embedded Solutions Inc. Announces Shipment of ADLEPC-1600 Industrial Embedded PC
Technologic Systems
The Technologic Systems TS-7800 is a single board computer that provides a standard set of high-end on-board peripherals. PC/104 pins are connected straight to the FPGA, giving the flexibility to add external hardware and physical/transceiver layers.
Extension Media Launches Machine Learning Developers Conference 2017 New event co-located with the IoT Developers Conference at the Santa Clara Convention Center in April SAN FRANCISCO, CA October 6, 2016 – Extension Media announced today its Machine Learning (more)
Tagging: Driving the Next Wave of Innovation in Digital Signage Making every screen in a digital signage network a means to reach customers with content—including hyper-local content—meant specifically for them. (more)
Small Becomes a Bigger Deal A processor designed from the ground up for tough places makes a difference for industrial and mil-aero. (more)
You Can Bet on It: Building a Gaming Infotainment Platform Add an element of "gaming" to a point-of-sale, digital sign, vending machine or traditional Las Vegas style device and you've created an Infotainment Platform that requires special design steps. When (more)
The Big Data and 5G Effect on Mobile Design An unprecedented explosion of data is driving the need for new innovations in memory design. Whether it's the enterprise, cloud, IoT, or the upcoming 5G network, the requirements for memory in each of (more)
Elma Electronic Inc.
High Performance Vision System with Four Camera Link Ports and High Capacity Storage
With four configurable Camera Link ports, multi-terabyte removable storage and a Quad Core Intel CPU, the OptiSys-5101 is the top choice for high speed frame grabber applications across multiple industries. For additional I/O support, the system offers easy configuration changes with a miniPCIe expansion site. The OptiSys-5101 is designed and manufactured in the US.
MIL-STD 810 ADLRHD-1650 Removable Hard Drive Assembly (ADL Embedded Solutions Inc.)
Equipment Monitor and Control (EMAC, Inc.)
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FPGAs for ASIC Prototyping Bridge Global Development
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