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Military, Aerospace & Avionics
Quarterly Report
January 2017
Beginning the Discussion on the Internet-of-Space A panel of experts from academia and industry assembled at the recent IEEE IMS event to answer critical questions are the role and impact of RFIC ...  (more)
COMTEL Electronics
C-Frame – 3U&6U VPX Development Platform and Comtel VPX 100Gbps Air-/-Plane C-Frame is the next generation VPX Development Platform supporting conduction and convection cooling options & variable pitch. C-Frame is equipped with break-through 100Gbps Air-/-Plane backplane technology for PERFECT high speed performance! C-Frame has comprehensive hands-on monitoring solution with graphical display and dedicated slot for VITA 46.11 compatible System Manager.
New SpaceVPX (VITA 78) OpenVPX-based Standard Invites Commercial Space Flight Interest Bringing hundreds of years’ experience together as a strategy for applying open- source, standards, and specs to ...  (more)
VME’s "Grandkids" and the Final Frontier It IS rocket science. With the recent passing of John Glenn, the first United States astronaut to orbit the earth, it’s time to take a step back and look at ...  (more)
Formal-Based Verification for Safety-Critical Aeronautical Devices
Although the aeronautical electronics sector lacks the competitive pressure of its fast-paced cousin, the rapidly growing automotive ...  (more)
Extreme Engineering Solutions, Inc.
X-ES is a leader in the design, manufacture, and support of embedded computing solutions for compute-intensive military, communications, commercial, and industrial applications. Our product portfolio features VPX, cPCI, VME, XMC/PMC, and COM Express products across 14 different product categories, including SBCs, systems, FPGAs, Ethernet communications, storage, power, and I/O modules.
Dawn Introduces PSC-6238 VITA 62 Compliant 800 Watt 3U OpenVPX Conduction Cooled Power Supply
CoreAVI Completes Delivery of Safety Critical Graphics Drivers, RTCA DO-178C/EUROCAE ED-12C & RTCA DO-254/EUROCAE ED-80 Cert Packages to Airbus DS Electronics & Border Security (future Hensoldt) for its Most Advanced Situational Awareness Mission Computer
WDL Systems offers Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) with SETO-1000 Extreme Outdoor Server from ADLINK
Winsystems Debuts Single Board Computers Built On Intel Atom E3900 Series Cpu In Pc/104 Form Factor
Pixus New Blower Options for AdvancedTCA Shelf Provides Up to 2300 CFM of Airflow
Toradex adds Windows Embedded Compact support for NXP i.MX 7-based System on Modules
Artesyn Embedded Technologies
New Solution Brief: Artesyn has published a new solution brief, High Performance COTS Products for Aerospace and Defense Applications, to guide military & aerospace customers in selecting COTS computing technologies. No registration required to download.
Internet of Spaces for the IOT
Software Defined Radio has revolutionized electronic systems
Software Defined Radio Handbook
Dawn Gen3 3u Openvpx Backplanes Designed For True Signal Integrity At Up To 10.3 Gbaud Performance
Pixus Adds New Versatile Features in 1U MicroTCA Chassis
Industrial Single Board Computers Feature Intel® E3800 Processors in EBX Form Factor
VME/VME64x Backplanes and Chassis MADE IN THE USA
Pixus Offers New Conduction Cooled Card Guides
Acromag’s New 3U OpenVPX™ Single Board Computer Features a 6th Generation Skylake Intel® Xeon® CPU
Acromag’s New Next Generation PCIe-Based AcroPack™ I/O Modules
Technologic Systems
The TS-7680 is an embedded computer powered by a 454 MHz ARM CPU that offers a great balance between industrial features, such as a 24-position rugged screw terminal connector and 3-Amp relays, and high end capabilities, such as WiFi and Bluetooth. The TS-7680 offers low power and low cost at industrial grade.
Elma Electronic, Inc.
Open VPX Solutions – Put our experience to work for you.
Elma Electronic is a recognized leader in Open VPX systems engineering. Look to Elma for integrated systems, boards, backplanes, chassis and benefit from one of the most experienced teams of systems engineers in the embedded community. We offer best in class native and partner product to develop qualified solutions at any level.
Watching Industries Grow Up in a Hurry: Q&A with LDRA Following the examples of aerospace and defense, the industrial, automotive and medical markets are strengthening safety- and security-critical software development for embedded systems. Editor's (more)
"Yes We Can": Building Hybrid Rugged Systems Using a Mix of Applicable Embedded Standards Why making "products" instead of making "projects" is catching on for SFF and other manufacturers in the military and aerospace markets. I am sure many of you have heard the expressions," (more)
VITA Perspective 2017 As more firms join VITA, manufacturing tide reversals, security, and the new U.S. president's cabinet bear close watching. President-elect Donald Trump is such a wildcard that all bets are off for (more)
Aviation: Systems Engineer Interview The embedded design choices keeping In-Flight Connectivity fast and dependable. Editor's Note: What's embedded can go unnoticed. So can video streaming, live television and Internet shopping, as (more)
Dawn VME Products
You need it right. You want Dawn.
Dawn's universal AC input VITA 62 compliant 3U power supply for air or conduction cooled OpenVPX systems is a true 6 channel supply with up to 400 watts output and a mission critical wide temperature range at high power.
Dolphin ICS
PCI Express Networking is here. Dolphin has developed a complete solution to connect processors, FPGAs, and GPUs through a PCIe Fabric. Dramatically reduce your system latency with 540ns links while increasing throughput with Gen 3 PCIe technology. Use Dolphin’s eXpressWare software to support standard networking APIs.
Virtualized infrastructure, with VM storage on software RAID + a rebuild == occasional VM pauses
ATCA® Systems & Blades (Artesyn Embedded Technologies)
RTD Off-the-Shelf Mission Computer (RTD Embedded Technologies, Inc.)
Managed Scalable GigE Switches (RTD Embedded Technologies, Inc.)
Teledyne LeCroy's PCI Express® Protocol Analysis and Test Tools (Teledyne LeCroy)
PSC-6265 (Dawn VME)
VPX-5987 (Dawn VME)
Rugged, Industrial Strength PCI Express Mini Card Embedded I/O Solutions (ACCES I/O Products, Inc.)
AMBE-4020 Vocoder Chip (Digital Voice Systems, Inc.)
VPX, VME, CompactPCI Lab Development Systems (Atrenne Integrated Solutions)
Model 71791 L-Band RF Tuner, 2-Channel 500 MHz A/D, Virtex-7 FPGA- XMC Module (Pentek)
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PAM4 Demands Accurate S-parameters
Software Defined Radio has revolutionized electronic systems
Software Defined Radio Handbook
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Internet of Spaces for the IOT
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