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IoT & M2M Monthly Report March 2017
Why is Chip Design for IOT so Hard?
Internet-of-Things (IOT) designers face a different set of challenges from their traditional ASIC and SOC brethren. Will the market ...  (more)
EFCO presents a series of extremely lean, fanless industrial computers. The versatility of the products is a real asset, as the use of Qseven CPU modules provides high flexibility in processor performance and Qseven features such as memory, etc. The devices are based on the Bay Trail architecture from Intel. Thanks to the Qseven-COM Module, the interface configuration can also be individually tailored to the requirements of the customer and their application - even with small quantities.
How Modular Fog Servers Advance Industry 4.0 The future of Industry 4.0 systems across all sectors lies in the combination of fog server and real-time technology. Robots, ...  (more)
Innovation in Cellular Communications: Making Smart Meters Even Smarter Here's what is helping the Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) realize power efficiency, bandwidth and latency ...  (more)
Tackling Automotive Ethernet Integration An increasing data cascade is also bringing safety and reliability challenges to Ethernet-networked vehicles. Safety and reliability ...  (more)
Microchip Technology Inc.
The IoT Ethernet Kit (DM990004) comes preloaded with the AWS IoT firmware to get your example application up and running within minutes. It shows you how to connect a 32-bit PIC® MCU to an IaaS using our low-power LAN8740A 10/100 Fast Ethernet Physical Layer Transceiver (PHY) driven by a 32-bit PIC32MZ EF MCU with 2?MB of Flash.
EFCO to Showcase New Ultra-Slim, Fanless Industrial Computers based on Highly-Integrated Qseven Modules at embedded world 2017
Microchip Simplifies the Development of Smart, Connected and Secure Solutions with a Hardware Cryptography-Enabled Microcontroller
Zilog® Announces New Single-chip 2.4 GHz RF Transceiver for Wireless ZigBee and IoT Connectivity
congatec now entirely supports the Windows 10 IoT editions
Industrial Temperature iPAC-9×25 ARM Single Board Computer
Internet of Things Developers Conference 2017
Register now for IoT DevCon 2017! The Internet of Things Developers Conference, April 26-27 at the Santa Clara Convention Center, is the only event focused on the IoT product developer. Connect and network with IoT experts in keynotes, panel discussions, tech sessions and workshops on technologies such as: IoT device design to gateway deployment, software optimization strategies, security solutions as well as applying deep-learning techniques to monitor and manage enormous loads of device-generated data.
Internet of Spaces for the IOT
State-of-the-art Lausward combined cycle power plant in Düsseldorf Germany utilizes Siemens' SPPA-T3000 Distributed Control System
Renesas Electronics Partners with Data I/O and Secure Thingz to Provide Secure Firmware Flash Programming Solution for the Renesas Synergy Platform
Pentek Announces 8-Channel A/D Jade XMC Module for Defense and Radar Phased-Array Applications
VIA to Debut VIA VTS-8589 OPS Board at Embedded World 2017
u-blox TOBY-R202 and TOBY-R200 LTE Cat 1 modules available on T-Mobile's US 4G LTE network for IoT Access Packs
SIB-A5D35 Low Power ARM Embedded Server
Industrial IoT at Scale: What's Really Needed Why cloud-centric architectures traditionally used in consumer IoT applications fall short when it comes to a larger class of IoT applications, especially those of the IIoT. As the Internet of Things (more)
Optimizing Technology for IoT Systems – Adding Fingerprints and Brains Examples in hardware-entangled security and neuromorphic processing show how technology can be further optimized to solve specific system and application demands. (more)
Smart Thinking Smart meters are well-established, but companies are still finding ways to improve communications and smart energy management. The two-way communications and data systems of smart meters benefit consumers, (more)
Industrial Assets Often Outlive Connectivity Technology—What Are You Going to do About it? Neither wireless nor wired connectivity options are immune to the march of time, but IoT developers can adopt strategies for prolonging asset life. Editor's Note: In February MultiTech joined the (more)
More Than Industrial Temperature at Stake: Q&A with Amit Gattani, Senior Director of Segment Marketing, Micron A promising mint for the global economy, the Industrial IoT nevertheless needs the right approach to realize its potential. Editor's note: Recently Embedded Intel Solutions spoke with Amit Gattani, (more)
Why is Chip Design for IOT so Hard? Internet-of-Things (IOT) designers face a different set of challenges from their traditional ASIC and SOC brethren. Will the market be ready? …
Blog Post: It's here! SensorTag kit ecosystem adds Wi-Fi® to the family!
IoT security seminar heads to US
ACE - Allegro Cryptography Engine (Allegro Software Development Corporation)
Guardbox 33 (Elma Electronic Inc.)
ProVIDE Technology (Teledyne LeCroy)
SoM-iMX6U - System on Module (EMAC, Inc.)
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Real-Time Java: Does it belong in the IoT?
VDC Research: The Real Need for Real-time Java Gateway Solutions
Real-Time Java Gateways: When Milliseconds Matter
State-of-the-art Lausward combined cycle power plant in Düsseldorf Germany utilizes Siemens' SPPA-T3000 Distributed Control System
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Introduction to ARMv8 Architecture and DS-5
Internet of Spaces for the IOT
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