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FPGA, PLD & Digital Processing
Quarterly Report
August 2016
New Generation of FPGAs Anchor a Multi-Layered Strategy for Combating Cyber Threats
Embedded system designers have new cyber security weapons for information assurance, anti-tamper capabilities and creating trusted systems.  (more)
Xilinx, Inc.
Looking for unrivalled FPGA performance and power, the most intuitive design environment, and the latest protocol support including DDR4, PCIe Gen4, and 100G Ethernet? Look no further! The Xilinx® 16nm UltraScale+™ portfolio of FPGAs and 3D ICs enables smart processing and state-of-the art software & hardware design flows. Designers can utilize a proven methodology that helps streamline your development process, taking you from concept through implementation to a finished product.
Q&A with Mercury Systems about the Intel Design Solutions Network Recently I had the chance to ask Rich Jaenicke, Senior Director, Strategic Technology and Alliances, Mercury Systems, to put the Design Solutions Network launch in context for Embedded Intel Solutions readers.  (more)
Next-Gen Networks High-Performance Testing: PCIe Takes the Challenge
Embedded systems can leverage the products being driven by data center applications, using the high-volume cost points and powerful ...  (more)
Expressing PCIe Confidence: Q&A with Dolphin Interconnect Solutions Committed to going the distance (nine meters over copper according to the latest tests) with a standard that gives high-performance ...  (more)
Technologic Systems
The Technologic Systems TS-7250-V2 is a single board computer is a great balance between high performance and low cost, providing highly customizable features and board configurations. 8 or 17K LUT Programmable FPGA provides unique design possibilities.
HSA Foundation, AMD Spearheading HSA Technologies Tutorial at 25th International Conference on Parallel Architectures and Compilation Techniques
Silicon Labs Launches Industry's First High-Speed Multi-Channel PLC Input Isolators
Extreme Engineering Solutions, Inc.
X-ES provides high-performance FPGA processing modules which include features such as FMC sites and daughter cards to simplify I/O compatibility for many different applications. With the combination of superior signal processing capabilities and high-speed A/D and D/A conversion, these modules are ideal solutions for high-end RF signal acquisition, SDR, and DSP requirements.
FPGAs for ASIC Prototyping Bridge Global Development
4DSP Introduces the VPX370, a Second Generation VPX Development Platform
BittWare Releases FPGA Development Kit with Support for Altera Arria 10 FPGA Boards
Dolphin ICS
PCI Express Software
Dolphin PCI Express software enables the creation of advanced systems based on PCI Express. With support for standard chipsets, developers have the flexibility to add features to existing systems or create new more powerful systems. Dolphin software support Linux, Windows, and VxWorks.
Supporting Two SuperSpeed Datapaths for USB Type-C No need to flip out over flippability: You have the means to adjust your designs to USB Type-C even before SoCs with native USB Type-C support debut. USB Type-C™ is not "hype-C." USB Type-C connections (more)
No Lyrics and Melody…Yet USB, PCIe and Ethernet are definitely NOT singing the same old tune. If the rainbow, which looks beautiful, but really, what work does it actually do (?) can be celebrated as a connection in an Academy (more)
Multi-function DSPs Keep Wearable Devices Ticking Wearable device design relies on DSPs to provide always-on performance that is compatible with the battery-powered demands of this emerging market. (more)
Automotive MCUs Take on Performance /Power/Cost Multicore architectures arrival on the scene poses new challenges for application designers. The design challenge for automotive microcontrollers is to find a trade off between the ever-increasing demand (more)
Connected Car Gets Into Gear with Linux At the beginning of this year the open source project Automotive Grade Linux announced a Unified Code Base distribution. Caroline Hayes finds out what it will mean for the automotive industry. Automotive (more)
Leveraging Intel Architecture Strengths Executives participating in our round table tell us how their companies and the wider ecosystem are responding to such challenges as the need to use as little power as possible, analyze at the IoT's (more)
SMARC 2.0's Winning Strike Bringing SMARC 2.0 into existence takes a strategy for successfully striking a balance between backward compatibility and future-oriented interfaces. (more)
Quickly Tracking Bugs as Embedded Software's Importance in SoC Grows Enhancing data center network security and packet transmission features has contributed to a rising gate count for networking SoCs, but even in the face of growing complexity, market windows can't be (more)
Does Secure Erase Actually Work? Chris A. Ciufo, Editor, Embedded Systems Engineering In this Part 2 of 2, I examine the subject of using the flash manufacturer's secure erase feature—since so many DoD documents recommend it. In Part 1 of this blog ("How Does One … Continue reading → …
Part 1: The 2016 Wilson Research Group Functional Verification Study
Vivado Design Suite – HLx Editions (Xilinx)
Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoCs Industry's First Heterogeneous Multiprocessor SoC (Xilinx)
Model 71624 (Pentek)
Virtex UltraScale FPGAs: Break-Out Performance and Capacity (Xilinx)
Virtex UltraScale+ FPGAs: Industry-Leading Performance-Per-Watt (Xilinx)
Xilinx Low-End Portfolio (Xilinx)
Kintex UltraScale+ FPGAs: Best Price/Performance/Watt for the Mid-Range (Xilinx)
Kintex UltraScale FPGAs: Expanding Price-Performance-Per-Watt for the Mid-range (Xilinx)
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FPGAs for ASIC Prototyping Bridge Global Development
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