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Automotive & Connected Car
Quarterly Report
July 2017
Improving Autonomous Driving Communication and Safety with Private Blockchains
Here's why Blockchain, a powerhouse database in finance and digital identification, has what it takes to become the backbone of ...  (more)
IoT Device Security Summit
2017 IoT Device Security Summit – SEPT 28 – Santa Clara: Register TODAY for the conference devoted to tackling the complex challenges of IoT Design and Implementation of Device Security. FREE Registration for qualified attendees through AUGUST 5!
Where to Start with Embedded Processor Security Multicore embedded SoCs see security demands risingThe world runs on data, and every bit or byte is a potential target for attack. At the same time, both software ...  (more)
Gaming: Another Notch towards Respectability eSports, VR arcades, and competitive gaming for serious prize money form a growing market. Autonomous cars learn to drive by playing Grand Theft Auto.Premium PC ...  (more)
After 35 years of I2C, I3C Improves Capability and Performance Long overdue for MCU sensors, MIPI I3C aims at historical I2C and SPI applications, offering critical improvements for burgeoning IoT in the nick ...  (more)
Microchip Technology Inc.
OS81119, the World's First Dual-Port INIC by Microchip
Simplify your system design with the OS81119, the latest addition to Microchip's portfolio of MOST150® Intelligent Network Interface Controller (INIC). The OS81119 offers both coaxial and optical physical layers as specified for the MOST150® technology. It supports dual-simplex and full-duplex communication with a choice in network topologies including daisy chain and ring.
Qualcomm and Nichicon Sign Commercial Wireless Electric Vehicle Charging License Agreement
Positioning Universal and Sequans Partner on LTE for IoT GPS Tracker Devices
Marvell Debuts Industry's First Secure Automotive Gigabit Ethernet Switch
Renesas Electronics' R-Car Support for cocoro SB "Emotion Engine" Enables Cars to Read Driver's Emotions and Provide the Best Response
More power in your hands? Controlling dendrites reveals secret to rechargeable lithium electrode
Flash Memory Summit
Summit themes include: Solid State Drives (SSDs), Flash Memory Based Architectures, Enterprise Storage, Controllers, Enterprise Applications, PCIe/NVMe SSDs, new non-volatile memory technologies, persistent memory, standards, testing, and applications. The Summit Program consists of a day of pre-conference seminars, followed by three days of panel discussions, keynotes, forums, paper sessions, tutorials, updates, and special sessions.
Diving into MEMS, Sensors and Imaging Technologies for a Smart, Connected World at SEMI|MSIG European Summit
Isorg and FlexEnable win industry award for first high-resolution flexible image sensor designed on plastic
IEEE Global Initiative for Ethical Considerations in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Autonomous Systems (AS) Drives, Together with IEEE Societies, New Standards Projects; Releases New Report on Prioritizing Human Well-Being
Mouser Electronics and Grant Imahara Discover Innovative Traffic Solutions in Latest Shaping Smarter Cities Series
The Autonomous Factory: Inertial Sensors Conquer IoMT Challenges Key to enabling the gains that automating industrial machinery can give us is the identification of the appropriate sensing technologies—to enhance the contextual knowledge of the equipment's condition. The (more)
Q&A with Ilika CEO Graeme Purdy A battery breakthrough that's not about setting the world on fire. Around a decade ago Toyota sought know-how in materials and solid-state battery technology to help it transition away from flammable lithium-ion batteries in Prius automobiles. (more)
Wireless Sensors Work Harder than Ever Industrial wireless sensor networks are increasingly used to track and monitor, but integration and intelligence mean they also protect and add security. The use of sensors in industrial applications (more)
Creating Embedded Platforms for Integrated Infotainment Today's vehicle data-sharing needs demand innovative thinking. Integrated Cockpits are becoming more important for the next generation of car buyers, who want to see information freely shared between (more)
Big, Tough and Connected How advancements in Ethernet EMC are transforming industrial vehicles. The autonomous car has gained a lot of attention and holds promise for the future, but that is not the only vehicle that looks (more)
Transportation: Trade's Conveyor Belt Transportation-related embedded markets need change to happen with responsible caretaking. Railroads in the United States have lower rates of accidents versus trucking in the transportation industry. (more)
Blog Post: One to Watch: Keith Ogboenyiya is driven to help others develop a sense of curiosity and pursue innovations that change the world
ProVIDE Technology (Teledyne LeCroy)
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