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8-bit, 16-bit & 32-bit Quarterly Report February 2017
Exploring and Overcoming the Challenges of 32-bit Embedded Software Development Embedded systems are getting more complex with increased sophistication in both the end equipment and applications.  (more)
Internet of Things Developers Conference 2017
Register now for IoT DevCon 2017! The Internet of Things Developers Conference, April 26-27 at the Santa Clara Convention Center, is the only event focused on the IoT product developer. Connect and network with IoT experts in keynotes, panel discussions, tech sessions and workshops on technologies such as: IoT device design to gateway deployment, software optimization strategies, security solutions as well as applying deep-learning techniques to monitor and manage enormous loads of device-generated data.
The Open Trust Protocol (OTrP) in Automotive
How to continue developing a truly connected world.In the automotive and many other segments, what characterizes the IoT market is the connection of many devices to ...  (more)
Protecting Smart Home Devices from Security Breaches Design security need not take a back seat, even in the race to be first to market with smart, connected home products. Navigating traffic on your way to ...  (more)
Microchip Technology Inc.
MCUs That Do More
Body – The PIC18F "K40" family of 8-bit microcontrollers gives you the flexibility to handle any embedded application with the performance and efficiency of a purpose-built device. The family's on-chip Core Independent Peripherals can be configured to perform your specific tasks with a fast, deterministic response and class-leading efficiency.
Microchip Launches New Generation of 8-bit AVR® MCUs with Core Independent Peripherals
Zilog Announces New ZNEO32! 32-bit Microcontroller Family
Core Independent Peripherals Now Available on PIC18 Family
Global Semiconductor Sales Reach $339 Billion in 2016
Zilog, Inc.
The new Cortex M3 microcontrollers are special-purpose MCUs for first class motor applications that offer cost effective, high performance 32-bit computing capabilities. This family of MCUs provides 3-phase PWM generator units which are suitable for inverter motor drive systems. Most of the MCUs within the ZNEO32! family offer two built-in channels for the generators to control two individual inverter motors simultaneously.
75GHz Clamshell Socket for NXP’s BGA141
Toshiba Launches 600V/650V Super Junction N-Channel Power MOSFETs with Improved EMI Performance
STM32 and STM8 Microcontrollers from STMicroelectronics Drive the Smart Revolution, with Over One Million Developer Kits Delivered
Chip Size 1.27mm Pitch Socket Adapter for BGA452
embedded world
Save the date now – the world's biggest exhibition for embedded technologies enters the fourteenth round from 14-16 March in Nuremberg, Germany. Be a part of the embedded world Exhibition & Conference including the embedded world Conference and electronic displays Conference.
Microchip will Continue to Provide a “Whole Solution” Approach Post Atmel Acquisition Customers can continue to design Microchip in with confidence. Microchip Technology Inc. has completed many acquisitions over the years, expanding our product portfolio and growing our market presence in the process. (more)
Make Chips Do More and Last Longer with Embedded FPGA Data centers want programmable chips so they can upgrade the data center's ability during the life of the center without touching the hardware (more)
MEMS and ASIC Design: How the Gap Can Narrow As the MEMS ecosystem matures, what role will foundries play in its success? The occasion of the 2016 MEMS Executive Congress made for a good opportunity to meet with Dr. Stephen R. Breit, VP Engineering (more)
Innovations and Ideas From ARM TechCon 2016 This year's event featured the new owner – Masayoshi Son, numerous security features, new IOT Cortex cores and updated third-party platforms. By John Blyler and staff, JB Systems There were a (more)
Can Autonomous Vehicles Absolve Human Responsibility? In our rush to embrace the latest technology and take advantage of whatever benefits it offers–greater convenience, higher efficiency, improved reliability, lower cost, etc.–we must not neglect human safety. (more)
Sensors Expo & Conference 2017
Sensors Expo & Conference is the only event in North America exclusively focused on sensors and sensor-integrated systems. Register at www.sensorsexpo.com and use code EE100 for special discount to attend.
Blog Post: Improve printed circuit board (PCB) quality with 3D inspection
occammd - Simplicity by Design (occammd, llc)
Pentad Design Corporation (Pentad Design Corporation)
Ironwood Electronics (Ironwood Electronics)
dsPIC33EP "MC" Family for Motor Control Applications (Microchip Technology Inc.)
The Board Room Inc. (The Board Room, Inc. )
Tag-Connect Plug-of-Nails In-Circuit Programming and JTAG Cables (Tag-Connect, LLC)
8-bit 8051 MCU IP Core Family (Cast)
T80251XC3 (Cast)
dsPIC33EP "GS" Family for Digital Power Applications (Microchip Technology Inc.)
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